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Script Writer Hrach Keshishyan

Director Hrach Keshishyan

Cameraman Vahe Keshishyan , Mushegh Tunyan

Year 2019

50 minutes

The film is about the joint work of Komitas and Hovhannes Tumanyan, the opera Anush. The film is based on their correspondence /the letters are kept at H. Tumanyan house-museum, Yerevan/. Through these letters the true image of those days is revealed, when they were considering the idea of creating the opera Anush. Tumanyan had already written the poem Anush, so accepting the offer of Princess Mariam Tumanyan Komitas gets engaged in the creation of an opera based on that poem. The letters reveal that both Komitas and Tumanyan had subtle humor, and they could turn a serious topic into a subject of a new tale or a song. They were also intellectuals who lived with the problems of their homeland and their people.