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Script Writer Artsvi Bakhchinyan

Director Grigor Harutyunyan, Ruben Gevorgyants

Cameraman Ashot Mkrtchyan

Year 2015

• Father Levon. Summer school
• Hrant Nazaryants. Nor Arax

• The first film-portrait represents archbishop Father Levon Zekiyan, who is a member of a number of academies, an honorary Doctor, the founder of Armenian department in Venice University, professor, the spiritual head of the Armenian catholic community in Polis, and the summer school founded by him, the 30th anniversary of which will be celebrated in 2015.

• The second film-portrait represents an Ottoman Armenian poet Hrant Nazaryants, who, moving to the city of Bari in 1915, has become a national poet of Italy. In the 1920s he helped 150-200 Armenian refugees to settle down in Bari, and founded Nor Arax village, where a carpet-making factory was opened soon, the product of which is popular not only in Italy, but beyond its borders as well.