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Script Writer Hakob Melkonyan

Director Hakob Melkonyan

Cameraman Avetik Grigoryan, Arsen Khechoyan

Year 2019

82 minutes

The film is about Chinari's inhabitants, their struggle and difficulties. The difficult living conditions where each day passed is a victory. For thirty years they have been trying to survive the war between the Azeris and the Armenians. The signing of a ceasefire in 1994 did not resolve the conflict, the armed clashes never really stopped.
In the village, many houses are empty or in ruins abandoned by their occupants. The Petrossians stay and work their land. Sometimes when everything is calm, we can hear the sounds of nature, the voices of the Petrossians, the teachers and their schoolchildren, the conversations between young villagers. This is the life of the Petrossians in an endless war… the daily struggle of an ordinary Armenian family, who tries to survive the war.