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Script Writer Georgi Kevorkov, Vahan Ter-Ghazaryan

Director Georgi Kevorkov

Cameraman Davit Kevorkov

Year 2014

The film refers to the Armenian massacres of 1878-1918 years and the events of the great genocide. At the beginning of the 19th century on the territory of the putrid Ottoman empire the efforts of saving the empire by exterminating native people were getting strong. The slaughters of 1882-96 were just the beginning. World war I, blown up in 1914, was a superb opportunity for the Ottoman Turkey to organize the destruction of the most vulnerable part for the Turks- the population of Western Armenia. Armenia maintained its identity only on the territory of the Russian part of it, where the first Republic of Armenia was formed in 1918, which stopped existing in 1920 after the Bolshevik intrusion. Eastern Armenia was merged with the Soviet Union.

50 minutes