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Vladimir Msryan

Script writer and director Aram Ghambaryan
Cameraman Arsen Khechoyan, Artur Stepanyan
33 minutes
The film is dedicated to the people’s artist of Armenia- Vladimir Msryan . There are so many interesting events of the actor’s life represented in the film, which characterize his human type, his love towards his motherland and towards his art.



Script writer and director Armen Khachatryan
Cameraman Artur Ordoyan, Armen Khachatryan
52 minutes
The film tells about a large Armenian family living in Istanbul. Ten sisters and brothers with their offspring and grandchildren. Living in Istanbul, every spring the elders of the family return their home- the village Nich (Chapalerik) of Motkhan province in historical Sasun, and cultivate their native land. Nowadays it is located in Bitlis Province.


Another motherland. The journal of Maria Jacobsen

Script writer and director Vrezh Petrosyan
Cameraman Taron Petrosyan
54 minutes
The film refers to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide and it tells about the selfless activities of a Danish lady-missionary Maria Jacobsen for the Armenians during the hardest period of the 20th century. In Maria Jacobsen’s diaries there are lots of vivid evidence about the crime committed by the Turks towards the Armenians. In 1928 “The Woman’s missionary workers” organization founds the orphanage called “Bird’s Nest” in Jbeil (Lebanon). Maria Jacobsen starts to work here. The Armenian orphans referred to her as “mama Jacobsen”, “Armenian mother”.


The keeper of Tsughrut

Script writer and director Mariam Ohanyan
Cameraman Samvel Babasyan
17 minutes
The film tells about the illustrious parchment gospel made by copyist Hovhannes in 974, which is kept in the village of Akhaltskha, Tsughrut, in Javakhk. It is a relic for the villagers and has become an inseparable part of their everyday life.


The History Museum of Armenia

Script writer and director Gagik Stepanyan
Cameraman Artavazd Khachaturyan
25 minutes
The film refers to the activities of the History Museum of Armenia from the days of its foundation to these days.