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Each year since 2007 "Hayk" film studio with the project "Maintenance and acquisition of the collection of the Film-photo-phono" does the digitization of the films of armenian production which are in the archives of the former Soviet Union and also does the digitization of the films referred to Armenia.

Digitalized films and film plots are maintained on DVDs. The work of digitization is implemented by the cooperation of the state Film-photo-phono archive of RF and the national archive of Armenia.


1.To the top of Alagyaz -1932

2.Sevan-Zangou -1932

3.The frontiers - film festival

4.Theatrical stage- 1989

5.Soviet Armenia N6-7 -1944


1.Erivan in the construction-1932

2.1st of May in Yerevan- 1932

3.Native country  -  1946

4.Waters of the Lake Sevan - 1952

5.At the place of astronomers of  Byurakan -   1954

6.Again Tigran Petrosyan - 1966

7.The Armenian eyes -1981

8.The champion's smile -  1983

9.Aivazovsky and Armenia - 1983

10.The second life - 1984

11.The wrestler -  1987

12. Е=mc2 Artsakh -1988

13.The construction of Erivan -    1932

14.In this world - 1989

15.Leninakan -1985

16.Gyumri-Seoul - 1989

17.To be or not  to be - 1992-93


1.The leib-guardian regiment of Erivan in Tbilisi - 1913

2.A military chronicle(the arrival of Grand Duke Nikolay Nikolayevich  to the station of Kars) -1915

3.Caucasian military operations in the Russo-Turkish front in 1916  - 1916

4.The fall of Trebizond  -  1914

5.The occupation of the city Rize -    1916

6.The shellfire of Giresun and Ordou -   1914

7.The dreamers of Yerevan


9.Soviet Armenia



1.An earthquake in Armenia -  1931

2.The old temples of Armenia - 1939

3.Yerevan, the capital of Armenia - 1942

4.The "Red" Armenia - 1920-1921

5.The parade of 1st of May in Armenia -  1922-1923

6.Rewarding of the armenian delegation- 1936

7.Armenia and Georgia in 1920 after  the establishment of Soviet system - 1920

8.Flourishing Armenia -  1938

9.The creation of the land

10.The cronology of Karabakh war

11.Nelson Stepanyan

12.Admiral Isakov

13.The marshal of aviation


1.The return of the armenians to their homeland- 1946

2.The excavation of the old capital of Armenia - 1946

3.The solemn sitting dedicated to centanary of death of Khacatur Abovyan -1948

4.A native song- 1961

5.The great hoaxer -  1992

6.Sevanshi -  1946


1.Unveiling of a memorial of I.V.Stalin-1950

2.The tsunami of mercy-1989

3.Armenia, a stone poem-1989

4.Between the life and the death(the earthquake in Armenia)-1990

5.The refugges(the refugges of Azerbaijan)-1990





1.Always ready-1930

2.A solemn sitting dedicated to Soviet Armenia's 30th anniversary-1950

3.Matenadaran, the depository of the old manuscripts-1959

4.The architects M.Grigoryan and R.Israelyan-1951

5.The pavilion of Armenia-1940


6.The archeological excavations nearby the Lake Sevan-1957